A unique Alternative

F3 is a unique alternative investment management fund that invests in long-term renovations of multi-family dwellings in the Baltics. The fund opts for sound, healthy, and socially responsible investments ensuring a robust long term return aimed at 15-30 years.


EU Targets are not being met

Most Member states are missing EU’s targets for energy efficiency and climate mitigation at a time when energy security has become even more critical

States do not have the funding

States do not have the funding to comprehensively address the housing problem and to benefit from the possible energy efficiency savings

Lack of coordinated policy

There is currently no systematic approach to state policy that could address the growing problem

No access to long-term financing

Businesses face a financing bottleneck and have insufficient assets to carry the necessary investments on a large scale

Lack of experience in repair and maintenance

Owners have little or no ability to repair their homes or move out while the state of the buildings becomes more unhealthy and dangerous.


F3 attracts green funds for specific building projects. Through its multi-sided online platform the fund also provides related information for all stakeholders: residenst, business, banks, and authorities.


Provide long-lasting, comfortable, and healthy homes across Eastern Europe. Produce open source work flow technology and measures that can be used by qualified companies. Raise large scale financing to undertake large construction works reducing the costs and avoiding the necessity of grants. Develop a safe and profitable AAA rated investment instruments.
Combat global warming by reducing energy related CO2 emissions by approximately 30kg co2/sq. meter
Increase energy security through guarantied energy savings of 45 to 55 percent, with a potential 500,000 euro saved daily in non-renewable energy just in Latvia
Serve a large potential market for deep renovation with a total of 1 billion square meters of series designed multi-family buildings
Provide constant work and development for small and mid-size business in high content service sector
Generate low risk, long term (15 to 20 years) competitive returns for both local and global investors
Design the F3 platform to develop a stakeholder ecosystem that facilitates the refurbishment of up to 20 million homes in Eastern Europe


F3 is a multidisciplinary, Pan-European team with over 100 years of combined financial, technical knowhow, legal expertise and insight into financial engineering. F3 (B Corp) combines this experience using an approach based on the highest standards of transparency to offer both residents and investors safe, long term homes for families and green capital.
Gunta Cekule
Director and product development
Head of Corporate Product Development and Sales Support at Citadele banka (2009-2016) Head of Sales Support Division and Head of Product Development, Project Manager at Swedbank (2002-09) Master’s Economics Latvia University, Economics Banking Institute
Claudio Rochas
Director - Design and Execution
The chairman of Ekodoma Ltd, the leading Latvian consulting company in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Claudio has worked on setting up energy partnership contracts for projects in energy efficiency and renewable energy.
Harijs Svarcs
Director - Strategy
Founding partner at SG Capital –an alternative investment manager operating a commercial real estate fund in the Baltics – complimenting his role developing the financial strategy at LABEEF. Following a successful career at Latvia's Central Bank, Harijs spent 7 years as chairman of the board and CEO at Swedbank’s Investment Management Company. By early 2016, company’s assets under management exceeded EUR 900M while holding over 40% market share of key business
Nicholas Stancioff
Executive director
The managing director of the Building and Energy Conservation Bureau. Stancioff's work at the Bureau has been focused on developing the the support of stakeholders for large scale building renovations financed by energy conservation measures.
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