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Building a green future: Investment that will make an impact

We develop sustainable investment funds that finance resident’s safety, health and comfort whilst decreasing CO2 emissions.

Funding For Future strives to provide better living conditions and make a positive impact on the environment.

The Buildings situation in Europe

Buildings that are not renovated lead to health hazards and energy waste. Without reducing wasted energy, we won’t be able to become climate neutral.

How we do it?

Funding For Future establishes and manages privately financed Building Energy Efficiency Facilities (BEEFs) to facilitate accessibility to financing for long term energy efficiency deep renovation of social and multi-family dwellings and public buildings across Europe.

Our Building Energy Efficiency Facilities provide:

To Residents

Long term capital and the possibility of paying for the renovation in a longer period.

To Services Providers

Long term capital of the renovated buildings.

To Investors

Impact investment with guaranteed results.

Our innovative financing solution transforms the building renovation process to a service based on an
Energy Efficiency Subscription model. With a set of technical specifications, procedures, and standard contractual arrangements, underpinning the BEEF financing model, we ensure guaranteed energy savings from the deep renovation of residential buildings.

If you are involved in a building renovation project or would like to discuss our investment opportunities, don’t hesitate

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