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Who are we

Decarbonization of buildings

F3 manages the only investor led finance facility for long term energy efficiency deep renovation of public buildings and multi-family dwellings across Europe. 

“LATVIAN BUILDING ENERGY EFFICIENCY FACILITY” or LABEEF is a fund created by investment control enterprise Funding for Future B.V. (F3), with aim to facilitate long-term investments necessary for multifamily building and public building renovation projects. LABEEF fund is financed by private investors and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

F3 is setting up similar investment vehicles in a number of other European countries, with the aim to finance decarbonization of buildings to provide for safe, healthy and suitable for use buildings.

The company finances Energy Performance Contracts (EPC+), that satisfy its rigorous Investment Guidelines covering creditworthiness, quality of works, safety, affordability, and most importantly energy savings.

The fund opts for sound, healthy, and socially responsible investments ensuring a robust long term return aimed at 15 to 30 years.

We deliver safe, comfortable, and “suitable for use” buildings, whilst also increasing the asset value for owners resulting in safe returns.

EU Targets are not being met

Most Member states are missing EU’s targets for energy efficiency and climate mitigation at a time when energy security has become even more critical.

Lack of experience in repair and maintenance and no access to long-term financing

Owners have little or no ability to repair their homes or move out while the state of the buildings becomes more unhealthy and dangerous. Businesses face a financing bottleneck and have insufficient assets to carry the necessary investments on a large scale.

States do not have the funding or a coordinated policy

States do not have the funding to comprehensively address the housing problem and to benefit from the possible energy efficiency savings. There is currently no systematic approach to state policy that could address the growing problem.


F3 works with a number of institutional and private investors 

targeting long term investments in renovation of buildings, financed through energy savings.

Through its multi-sided online investment platform the fund also provides related information for all stakeholders: residents, business, banks, and authorities.