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Funding for Future B.V. is a management company that manages national/regional private financed Building Energy Efficiency Facilities (BEEFs) for financing of multi-family and social dwellings and public buildings across Europe.

We have developed the only fully private financed vehicle for deep renovation of Multi-Family Buildings in the EU, and we are the first company to receive a loan from EBRD for renovation.

Funding For Future financial tools provide better living and working conditions while decarbonising the built environment.

Our Mission

Setting up and managing dedicated Building Energy Efficiency Facilities (BEEFs) in cooperation with local partners across Europe, F3 provides 20+ year standardized financing to owners of building stock to purchase guaranteed safety, health and comfort services while reducing the buildings’ carbon footprint by over 50%.

Our Vision

Support scaling up massively the decarbonization of the built environment through low-risk, long-term building energy efficiency financing methodologies which deliver guaranteed Safety, Health and Comfort™ long-term to residents. As an aspiring B-Corp, F3’s responsibility is to align our interests and those of our financiers with citizens, along with those of our value chain (Service providers, Utilities, Construction companies, suppliers), and employees. F3 goal goes beyond financial returns, aiming to also being a benchmark for scale, integrity, and impact for owners in delivering guaranteed Safety, health and comfort.

Our values

As a financial institution working in the housing sector we understand that trust is fundamental in building renovation because it touches directly people’s homes and involves so many different players. Therefore we have built a process that opens way for building trust in this sector through transparency, accountability and standardization. To maintain our integrity and that of the entire chain, we incorporate best practices and operate according to BCorp principles.

How we work

F3 partners locally with market operators and NGOs to scale up and renovate buildings across Europe. Furthermore, by establishing Local Building Energy Efficiency Facilities as gateways for our financing model, F3 can finance owners’ future invoices from long term EPC+ contracts increasing liquidity for market operators. The on-bill model compliments our partners’ role. F3 strives to develop stimulating relationships in our joint endeavour to address climate change while reaching a win-win for all stakeholders aligned on the needs of the final beneficiary.

Our team

Nicholas Stancioff

Executive Director

Lāsma Zaikovska

Financial Analyst

Gunta Cekule


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