Energy efficiency building renovation is one of the key pilars of the Green Deal, which is already and it will play a more crucial role with the passing of time. 

The Energy Efficiency Service is a solution to enter in the market with a convincing selling option for end users, which stands out from business as usual operations. Our financing solution allows EES providers to undertake long term renovation of buildings, which  presents a significant market opportunity.

Non Governmental Organizations

In Latvia, Funding for Future collaborates with Ēkubirojs, an NGO which operates as One Stop Shop to stimulate building renovation and increase the engagement of stakeholders.

We follow a similar approach in other countries, where we partner with organizations to accelerate the renovation wave.

Facility Managers and Housing Associations

We partner with Facility Managers and Housing Associations to facilitate the renovation of their building stock and provide the golden standard for building renovation, for them to ensure safety, health and comfort.


We work closely with municipalities to support them in their renovation plans and engage with residents. Their support is essential in owners engagement and successful financing on building renovation.

Our Projects

Apart from direct interaction with stakeholders, we work on multiple EU projects in order to create a financially viable environment in Europe that facilitates building renovation.

If you are involved in a building renovation project or would like to discuss our investment opportunities, please contact us

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