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Building Energy Efficiency Facilities

The Building Energy Efficiency Facilities – the BEEFs – are funds created and managed by F3 to facilitate long-term investments necessary for multifamily building and public building renovation projects.

For investors, the BEEFs provide sustainable and safe returns by complying with EU taxonomy and green investment guidelines.

We offer a comprehensive financing model that responds to the needs of all 3 main stakeholders in building renovation service journey: the residents, the Service Providers, and the Investors.

BEEFs for financing guaranteed safety, health and comfort.

We have BEEFs in multiple countries











According to the EU Taxonomy the BEEFs are classified as an environmentally sustainable economic activity.

Funding For Future financial tools provide better living and working conditions while decarbonising the built environment.

We provide an environmentally sustainable investment option, generating:

Improvement of residents quality of life 

We guarantee safety, health and comfort long-term

Climate change mitigation

Building renovation improves energy efficiency, and therefore with saved energy the generated CO2 emissions decrease substantially.

The transition to a circular economy

Building renovation ensures longevity of buildings, which is crucial for outdated building stock.

How does it work?

We have developed the only fully private financed vehicle for deep renovation of Multi Family Buildings in the EU and and we are the first company to receive a loan from EBRD of multifamily residential building. 

Why is this a low risk solution?

BEEF are underpinned by a set of market based Investment Policy Guidelines & Standards which guarantee safety, health and comfort for owners.

If you would like to find out more about our de-risking Investment Policy Guidelines underpinning sustainable long term investment in energy efficiency for buildings. please contact us.

How we do it?

Funding For Future establishes and manages privately financed Building Energy Efficiency Facilities (BEEFs) to facilitate accessibility to financing for long term energy efficiency deep renovation of social and multi-family dwellings and public buildings across Europe.


What is in it for you?

Through our newly developed financing for Energy Efficiency Subscription model we can offer:

Benefits for you

We offer a comprehensive financing model that responds to the needs of all 3 main stakeholders in building renovation service journey

Benefits for


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Benefits for

Services Providers

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Benefits for


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We incorporate digitalization into our model to reduce costs, time and effort. The SUNSHINE Platform is an online platform that brings together all the different stakeholders involved in the Deep Renovation Projects. 

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