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A new business opportunity for Energy Service and construction companies through the Energy Efficiency Subscription Model.
Out SUNShINE platform enables easier project management providing data insight on the projects, and decreasing administrative cost.

There is a growing demand for service providers to meet the needs of residents. The problem is there is often a complicated process to ensure the agreement of the residents, the bureaucracy and complexity of the financing and the cash flow necessary to make the renovation actually business-worthy.

By standardizing how multi-family building renovations take place across Europe, financing under BEEFs ensures long livity of building as well as of energy savings. Creating a B2B subscription model for building renovation based on the BEEF guidelines ensures that we can deliver all of the same benefits that are associated with a recurring model, but leverage the financing to create a bankable pipeline of projects – lowering construction/project fees. For service providers, it is a steady, predictable cost for a defined renovation project and maintenance for a defined period of time. It is paramount to forge strong connections with residents in the B2C model of the business. For the particular reason of this circumstance, we guarantee health, safety, and comfort, we ensure maintenance of the building throughout the whole contract time period (>20 years) and we work closely with local NGOS (Ex. Ekubirojs, in Latvia) to advocate for owners.

Innovative long term financing frees up capital for service provider to our allow a continuous cycle of project pipeline.

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