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Guaranteed safety, health and comfort for the entire duration of the contract of 20-30 years. Renovation financed using the reached energy efficiency, making it affordable.
Reduction in energy consumption, whilst maintaining and in some cases improving indoor climate environment. Increase in property value by improving the building condition and increasing its life span.
F3 is committed for owners to receive  premium service quality for your home. We partner with the best local service providers to ensure a standardized and time-efficient building renovation. This will save you money in the long-term, and deliver quick and effective home repair and maintenance for the same cost. All without significantly increasing your monthly out-goings for utility payments as you are paying your utility bills now.
We ensure that for residents the renovation process will be straightforward and affordable. Residents can choose what type of standardized building renovation they want that ensures safety, health and comfort for the entire duration of the contract.
Furthermore, residents are guaranteed maintenance and repairs of their building for the next 20 years or as long as the subscription contract is in place. This means residents don’t have to worry about calling multiple companies to get quotes or haggle over costs. A monthly subscription protects you from such sudden inconveniences by assuring regular maintenance of your house.
The best part is that there is no additional billing and administrative burden as the obligations are simply added to the bill, meaning there will never be any hidden fees or costs. The subscription fees are affordable as the cost is largely offset by the energy savings guaranteed in the contract – i.e. you pay only when savings are achieved.
Innovative long term financing frees up capital for service provider to our allow a continuous cycle of project pipeline.

Benefits for

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Benefits for


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